Extreme sex stories: Fantastic Fuck Doll.

Dear Mr. Warthog,
After reading one of your stories, I thought I would tell you a story Patna Sister Brutha Hiddencam Scandal Free Porn Videos And Sex Tube about myself and my girl friend that I think you will appreciate. My name is Sarah and my friend’s name is Jill. We are from Australia.
Although quite liberal now, I wasn’t always that way. I did learned, however, at an early age that I had the look that attracted men. At first I was embarrassed at the attention and really didn’t know what to do about it. Later, I learned that a lot of nice things happen to pretty girls. When I discovered all the wonderful things that men could do for me I learned to use my looks to get what I wanted. I still remained a virgin, however and was quite naive about sex.
My first remembrances Kareena Kapoor Love Red hot Sex With Akshay Kumar of this change in my life started when I hit puberty and my breasts begin to grow. I was fortunate that my breasts were very firm. I was an athletic girl so my body stayed well toned. I had heard that I should keep my breasts well supported as much as possible to retain the firm uplifted look. Later, I would occasionally go without a bra because after all I have to show what I’ve got sometimes.
When my body finally stopped growing I had developed a very curvaceous figure. It measured 5’5” and 36C-24-35 and still does to this XXX Holi Special Dad In Law Fuck 2 Daughter in law In Lawrsquos In Holi Hindi Voice day. If my body isn’t noticed, then my long blond hair, blue eyes or pretty face turns the heads. I’m not usually the type of girl to compliment myself but facts are facts. I’m telling you so that you will know what kind a girl I am and what I look like.
I must admit that sometimes I get turned on just Indian Lecturer Seduces Youthful Dude Pov Roleplay In Hindi Porno Videos looking at myself in the mirror. A former boyfriend once told me that my body was tailor made to make men horny. Thinking about that makes me horny. When I get into these moods I try to imagine how a man would like to see me dress. I know they like my large firm tits, slender legs and tight ass so I put something on that shows off each of those parts of my body.
When I’m done I know that I’m going to get fucked. I begin thinking about finding a cock to Desi Bhabi Fucky fucky Clear Audio Home Made stuff inside me. I want my body to be invaded and conquered. I want a man to take possession of me and mark me by putting his flesh inside my body and dumping his cum deep inside me. When I find the man I want, I give myself to him totally. My body is nothing more than a tool for his pleasure. I will do anything for my man of the moment.
When I’m out looking for men, I know when I’ve found the right one. I Lil’ Teen Bangs Her Elder Teacher can look into his eyes and tell if my body has affected him the right way. It will be a look of animal lust that tells me this man has to have my body. I know then that in giving him pleasure I will get my pleasure. I can usually tell that my sexy body has stimulated him to the point that he will take me wildly into an orgasmic fog.
The night will not be a success unless he has penetrated and unloaded into each of my holes. I just love to fuck. I love the feeling of a man’s cock squishing in and out my body and I long for the feeling of his juice spraying deep inside me.
Well, I’ve gotten a little off track. Thinking Indian Hardcore Intercourse Sunny And Sonia Married Duo Clear Hindi Audio Chudai about sex does that to me. By the time that I was out on my own, I had experienced sex with a few boy friends and I found it truly quite enjoyable. Most of my thoughts were typical for a twenty five year old girl. As I said, I love to fuck but it was fairly normal stuff. One of my boyfriends liked to see me dress very sexy, so I learned what it took to thrill a man. My outfits are usually made of leather, latex or rubber and reveal as much as my body as possible. Sex continued to get better and better now that I knew how to stimulate men with hot looking outfits tightly fit around my sexy body.
Things changed one day about two years ago when Busty Married Hijab Female Gets Wrecked I had an occasion to see my first adult video. The movie featured a scene with one woman with two men. Before that time I had never thought about being with two men. I’m sure it was due to my sheltered upbringing. I shivered when the two men sandwiched the lucky woman, one filling her pussy and the other filling her ass. Either she acted very well or the stimulation these two men were giving her was overwhelming. She seemed to be having orgasm after orgasm.
The memory of that scene stuck with me for days. I couldn’t get it out of my head. My boyfriend at the time wondered what had gotten into me as I fucked him silly over and over thinking about being a girl sandwich. I rented more adult films to see more of the sexual variety that I had been missing. I even began to discuss my feelings with my friend Jill. She also admitted to being intrigued with the idea of being with more than one man at a time. I guess most women think of it at one time or another just like men dream of being with more than one woman.
I decided that I had to experience what the adult movies called double and triple penetration. The question was how. Finally, Jill and I took matters into our own hands. We located a nightclub where Petite Indian Teen Wakes Up And Fucks Extremely Hard With Dirty Desi Hindi Talking we knew that we could get picked up. To make sure we dressed in the hottest outfits we had.
I wore a black leather bustier. It was something that I normally wear indoors but I decided to leave nothing to chance. The bustier laced up the front and hugged my middle tightly. My breasts were wedged into the tight fitting cups. They tended to bulge out over the top slightly although my firmness kept them in place. Nevertheless, they looked like they wanted out of the bustier and they actually did so that a handsome pair of male lips could be attached.
My black leather g-string felt delicious 90 And 039 S Extraordinary Teens Must See rubbing against my clit as I walked. Over the g-string I wore a black leather skirt that just barely covered my black seamed stockings. Five-inch heels completed the look along with carefully applied makeup including bright red lipstick. Looking in the mirror I was confident that this outfit would attract the cock that I so badly wanted.
Jill wore a white leather dress that just covered her white stockings. She wore heels and a lacy bra and knickers. Jill’s body is very close to mine in shape and she has Hot Duo Smooching In Public Place Perceiving Good long dark hair and dark eyes. She looked as hot in her white outfit as I did in my black. I couldn’t wait to see her stuffed with cock. Of course I was more anxious to get stuffed with cock myself.
Jill and I walked into the nightclub and 白淨腹肌EASON found a table. We sat down and ordered a drink. It was the last that we paid for. We settled down to enjoy our drink and to attract men. As I sipped I scanned the room. I saw plenty of men and most of them were good looking but I needed two things. I needed to see that special look and I needed to see it on more than one face.
After a minute or two, Jill called my attention to a group of men half way across the club. I looked to my right slowly and finally noticed the group she was talking about. Of the four men one of them was looking our way. He was really hot looking. Short black hair and a lean face. From what I could see his body was lean as well. The other men looked equally attractive.
“Time to put out the bait,” I said to Jill.
“Sounds good to me,” she replied.
I located the ladies room and plotted a BOKEP HIJAB | UKHTI – course by the men’s table to get me there. Using a most exaggerated sway, I walked by the men drawing at least three pairs of eyes. I could detect other eyes following me as well from the crowd of men but I was interested only in the four at the table. I freshened up a bit in the ladies room. On the return I locked eyes with the lean fellow giving him my best “I’m available” look. I even glanced back at him over my shoulder as I approached my table.
Jill had a grin on her face. She said, “You had all four of them staring at your butt.
“Good,” I said.
“My turn,” said Jill. She took the same route I took to the ladies room and it was clear that she had the attention TWO GIRL WITH FUCKING MACHINE of all four fellows at the table. On her return Mr. Lean stopped her and said something. Jill talked to the fellow for a moment then continued on to our table.
“What did he say?” I asked anxiously.
Jill grinned and said, “The hook has been set. They want us to join them.”
I looked over at Mr. Lean and smiled. I got up and Jill and I collected our drinks before walking over to meet our ‘fish’.
As we approached, the four gentlemen got up to greet us. Jill introduced me to Iain, James, Steve and Bill. Iain was the one 八塊腹肌PA3 with the lean face. There weren’t any extra chairs to be had so I suggested that Jill and I could borrow a lap from two of them. No one complained about that. I quickly scooted into Iain’s lap as Jill planted herself on Steve.
“I hope I’m not hurting you,” I said to Iain.
“Not at all,” he said in a charming way.
I knew that Jill and I had chosen well because these fellows were very nice and polite but looked as though they could show a lady a good time in bed.
With my arm around Iain’s neck, I made sure that the side of my breast was only inches from his eyes. I looked over at Jill who was squirming in Steve’s lap trying to get comfortable. We chatted with the guys for a while and had a few drinks. While sitting on Iain’s lap I detected some movement in his jeans. It seems that I was having the desired affect on him. I looked into his sexy blue eyes and he had that far away look. Looking at Bill I noticed the same look. Both Steve and James were concentrating on Jill. They looked to be as far gone as the other two hunks.
To get things moving I reached down beside my thigh and began to rub the lump that was poking my bottom side. Iain shot me a wide-eyed look.
I whispered, “Lets find a more private place.”
Iain wasted no time in suggested that we join them at his flat. The six of us arrived at Iain’s apartment twenty minutes later. Our conversation continued where it had left off. Iain opened PETITE LADYBOY ASSHOLE POUNDED BAREBACK his bar and fixed us all a drink with Steve’s help. Jill and I took the opportunity to sit in James’ and Bill’s laps. I wanted to check out what Bill had between his legs. I was not disappointed.
We chatted and drank for another hour. I couldn’t hold back any longer so I gave Iain a very wet kiss. I had switched back to him after rubbing against Bill’s lump for a while. I couldn’t wait to have both of these cocks deep inside me. Iain returned my kiss and started to fondle my tits through the bustier. I was getting hotter by the minute. Between kisses I noticed that Jill and Steve were working each other over as well.
I pushed away from Iain and got up. Iain had a nice stereo system and it was playing some good hard driving rock and roll. I began to strip to the music. Iain, James and Bill began to cheer me on. Jill broke away from Steve and joined me in the middle of the room. She watched for a moment before copying my moves. By then I had the leather straps untied on my bustier. I loosened it up and pull it open exposing my tits to the four men. I looked over at Jill and she had the top of her dress down around her waist.
Jill and I continued to sway to the music. Slowly I pushed the bustier to the floor and began to tease the guys by working the zipper on my skirt. When they began to chant “Take it off” I finally let it fall to the floor. Jill had timed hers with mine as her dress was also on the floor. I watched Jill tease the guys as she slowly removed her bra. We both then began to rub our pussies through our g-strings before slowly pushing them to the floor.
We both danced in just our stockings and heels for a while. I asked, “Why are Jill and I the only naked people in this room?”
The fellows were out of their clothes in no time. I gathered Bill and Iain around me and began to tease their nice big cocks with my tongue. It took only a minute or two to get them to there full length. Iain appeared to be the larger of the two with about 8 very thick inches. Bill was slightly shorter and thinner.
After getting them hard Iain pulled me onto the sofa and began to use his tongue on my pussy. Bill moved 约玩极品体院小帅哥 to my head and fed me his cock. As Iain teased my clit I sucked Bill into my mouth savoring his male taste. The more Iain worked my little button the more I licked Bill’s shaft. I was now moaning loudly around Bill’s cock. The vibrations caused Bill to nearly climax as he pulled his cock from my mouth. At that moment I had a delicious orgasm and my cream began to drool from my pussy.
Iain wasted no time and shoved his entire cock into my very gooey pussy.
I cried out, “Oh God, give it to me.”
Iain did. Bill moved his cock back to my mouth and I sucked it in. The feelings in my body were overwhelming. I tried my best to give Bill a good suck but Iain took all of my attention at times. He was very skillful with his cock. It rubbed the walls of my pussy just right. In no more than five minutes I was coming again and screaming around Bill’s cock.
Bill evidently wanted what Iain had. He suggested that they switch places. What Bill lacked in size he made up with speed. He was like a blur as his body thrust into mine. The slapping sounds filled the room. Surprisingly, it only took two or three minutes of this rapid fire pounding to produce another creamy orgasm in me.
Meanwhile, Iain had been rubbing his cock all over my face and teasing my mouth with it. He rubbed other parts of my upper body with his cock as well. He teased my hard nipples with the head of his cock. He rubbed it against my neck and even the crook of my arm. When he got it near my mouth I managed to suck the head for a moment tasting my own juices mixed with his before he moved on to another part of my body.
Iain said, “Baby, you have a beautiful body, so smooth and round. My cock loves your body. It loves your pussy and your mouth surely, but it loves your skin and your curves as well.”
I must admit that hearing these sexy words as Bill pounded me unmercifully were sending me into orbit. I wished that it could go on forever. It did for a while. It was a strange mixture of rough and soft. Bill was glistening with sweat as he pounded my body. Iain was calm and serene as his cock rubbed my skin.
On my third orgasm Bill joined me with his first. He scalded me with cock cream deep in my womb. It prolonged my climax. When I came down from my sexual high Iain was building to his climax simply from his cock sliding across my chest. He wasn’t pushing it along my breasts with his hands. Actually, his hands were on his hips as they thrust his cock slowly across my skin. I watched his face contort in the onset of orgasm. I glanced at his big cock as it rested on my tit. Suddenly Iain’s cock twitched and then belched out a big strand of cum. Quickly I picked his cock up and pulled it into my mouth taking the rest of his ejaculate down my throat. He tasted wonderful and I wanted more.
Iain, Bill and I paused to rest a moment and watch what the others were up to. Jill was being pounded at both ends as expected. She was on her hands and knees as Steve thrust into her pussy and James fed her his cock. She was moaning loudly around Steve’s rather large shaft and breathing heavily. We watched her have two orgasms one by herself and one well timed with Steve and James as they dumped their loads into her body. They then joined us in our rest period.
Iain made sure that we all had a drink as we paused to refresh. Afterward he sat down beside me and again praised my body.
“Sarah,” he said, “I’ve not met many women as sexy and beautiful as you are. Some are beautiful and some are sexy but you are both. You are like a playground for sex. Everything a man could want in a woman. You have a lovely body that knows very well what to do with a man’s cock. You are awesome.”
With that little speech all I could think to do was reward this man with more of my body. I got up, pushed him down on the sofa and went down on his semi-hard cock. I wanted it inside me again and I was determined to do whatever was necessary to get it hard again.
As I worked on Iain, my mind focussed on what I wanted. I wanted Iain inside my pussy and I wanted another cock inside my ass. I pulled Iain’s cock out of my mouth and asked, “Who wants to help Iain fuck me?”
Jill jumped up and said, “I think its fantasy time.”
Steve was close by and he looked ready to fuck again. I grabbed his hand and said, “Will you fuck me Steve?”
“Sure, what’s this fantasy thing?” he asked
I grinned at him and said, “I want you to ass fuck me while Iain pussy fucks me.”
“It would be my pleasure,” said Steve.
Iain had regained his erection and was very ready to fuck my pussy again. I straddled him as he sat on the sofa and impaled my pussy JAMESSTONG CAM on his big fat cock. We began to fuck each other in nice even strokes. I looked back at Steve and he was rubbing spit onto his cock for lubrication and preparing to enter my backdoor. My body was buzzing. I was about to fulfill my fantasy.
Steve then spit on my ass and began to rub his saliva into my asshole. A moment or two later I felt his cock press against my opening. All the while Iain steadily fucked my pussy in smooth strokes. My pussy continued to drool its juices in response to Iain’s expert care.
Slowly Steve eased open my asshole with his cock. It hurt for a moment but that went away when his cock head pushed past my sphincter. Steve began slow strokes that matched Iain. God, I felt stuffed and it was better than I ever imagined. At that moment I knew that I was a DP slut. I was sure that I would never be satisfied with just one man again. The feelings were indescribable. It was like a burning that felt wonderful. A fullness that threatened to split me open but not doing so.
I felt myself drifting into a sexual fog. My mind was focused only on the area between my legs. Occasionally, I would feel another part of my body being stimulated and guessed that it was Iain sucking on my nipples. I was amazed that I could be so focused on my pussy and ass and barely sense anything else. I don’t recall hearing anything. My eyes were closed. I wasn’t getting any taste sensations. It was all pussy and ass and the slabs of man meat filling them up.
I later concluded that I had begun to orgasm with the first few thrusts of Steve’s cock into my ass and never stopped. I could only tell that the men were fucking me harder and harder, faster and faster as time went by. Jill later told me that Iain and Steve had called me all sorts of nasty names like ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ but I don’t remember. I was simply blown away. My mind had melted.
I began to sense reality again as I felt Iain pushing me onto my back on the sofa. I could feel the sperm spilling out of my pussy and ass. I wondered if it would ever feel as good as that again. I spotted Jill and she simply said, “WOW!” I smiled and watched as she grabbed James and Bill and proceeded to get royally fucked. She wasn’t ready for the DP treatment but the two men worked her pussy over for twenty minutes with their cocks while the rest of us took a break.
It had been a great evening and I made the guys promise that we would do it again the following week. I didn’t have to work on them too hard. After all, it isn’t every day that a man meets a cock crazy girl like me.
Jill and I were appropriately sore the next day but that would pass. I couldn’t wait for my next DP session with the guys. I encouraged Jill to try it next time and she agreed that she would.
During the week I got a call from Iain confirming that we were set for the weekend. I told him I couldn’t wait. We made arrangements that the fellows would pick us up at Jill’s flat. When the time finally arrived, Jill and I were ready. We were determined to look our slutty best for our men, more slutty than the first time if possible.
Jill and I both wore the same latex mini-dress. I was in blue and Jill had on red. The top of the dress was halter style showing off a generous amount of cleavage つなの成人式 2 The hem of the dress just barely covered our black seemed stocking tops. We finished off the look with five-inch heels.
Jill and I decided to leave off the g-strings this time. They’d just get in the way of the guys playing with our pussies. I wanted to be fully accessible and I wanted it plain to the casual observer that I was dressed to be fucked. If I could have gotten away with being naked I would have gone that way.
As we waited for the guys all I could think about was sex and lots of it. I could feel my pussy and asshole twinge in expectation of being penetrated by nice thick cocks. My mouth and pussy were wet. My nipples were rock hard as evident by the bumps in the material of my dress. The rest of my body was merely along for the ride providing the needed life support for my erogenous zones.
I felt like one big fuck hole and I needed to be stuffed. I know it doesn’t sound very lady like but I was molten hot for a fuck. I just hoped that I could hold out until later in the evening when I fully expected the guys to put me out of my misery.
We heard a knock at the door and Jill answered it. The guys were a sight for sore eyes. We pulled all four into the room. I giggled at their reaction to our hot outfits. We almost had to nudge their chins to get their mouths closed.
I simply couldn’t wait so I dropped to the floor and started working on Bill’s zipper. I fished his cock out then turned to James’ zipper. I immediately stuff my mouth with cock, both of them. Soon I had established a switch suck rhythm. I caught Jill in the corner of my eye doing the same. We worked those guys over with wild abandon until each of them rewarded us with a mouthful of delicious creamy sperm. When the last load hit my throat I had an orgasm. Of course, my hand had been busy on my clit as I sucked off the guys.
One problem with not wearing knickers is the leakage. I sat on the floor, rotated my pussy into the air and ask for volunteers to lap up my cream. Bill came to my rescue. I looked over at Jill and giggled as Iain mopped her up. Bill and Iain did such a good job that Jill and I came again. James and Steve had to then clean up our new mess. I began to wonder if we’d ever get away for dinner.
With great will power we all made ourselves presentable and headed out on the town. The evening was wonderful but I was thinking ahead to the party still to come. I couldn’t wait to be double stuffed again. While having drinks at the club, an unexpected bonus arrived in the form of two more men, Mike and Rick. Both were friends of our four studs. Jill and I had no problem added them to our harem of men.
Iain said, “Mike and Rick, I want you to meet Jill and Sarah. Now, aren’t these beautiful ladies?”
Mike and Rick nodded with a big grin.
Iain continued, “I haven’t had the pleasure of getting to know Jill as well as I know Sarah but I’m sure she will be equally satisfying. I know that Sarah is a private playground for sex. That’s my nickname for her, ‘Playground’. There isn’t a square inch on her that isn’t heaven for a man’s cock.”
I thanked Iain for his complement and agreed that Jill would be equally accommodating to a man’s cock.
Iain asked me to tell the guys what I liked and I told them I loved to be double penetrated.
“Nasty Girl,” said Mike with anticipation in his eyes.
I assured him that with the reinforcements that Mike and Rick brought to the men that a triple penetration was the goal for the evening.
Jill and I spent time in each of our guy’s laps making sure their pumps were primed for later. We encouraged their gropes and we did a little groping ourselves. My pussy COMPILATION 5 OF HOTTIES JERKING AND CUMMING continued to drool in anticipation. I know that I had to be dripping onto the floor most of the evening.
Soon my te was over and all eight of us were back a Jill’s place. I pulled Jill aside and we decided that we would continue the te for just a bit longer. After serving the guys a drink we put on some sexy dancing music and began a seductive strip tease to get the guys even hotter.
We only had one item to remove so this wouldn’t take long. First, I pulled the halter strap over my head and slowly bare my aching tits. I couldn’t wait to have them sucked into a mouth. As I looked around the room I noticed Jill’s coffee table and got an idea.
The table was made of wood and was rustic in style, the four supporting legs extended above the table. In my lust soaked mind they looked like cocks sticking up and begging for my pussy. I inched my skirt up my thighs to my waist exposing my puffy wet pussy. Slowly I ambled over to the table and right in front of Iain, Mike and Rick sat down on the corner leg and impaled myself.
Jill said, “Look at Sarah, I can’t believe what she’s doing.” She proceeded to lose her dress and do a little cock sucking while I put on my show.
I let out a loud moan as I squirmed around on the table leg. My breathing was heavy and soon I was panting as I stimulated myself on the makeshift cock. I looked each of the guys in the eyes and whimpered, “I really need to be fucked by a real cock.”
With that Iain pulled me onto the sofa and soon I felt six hands stoking my body. I begged them to triple fuck me. Iain laid down on the sofa and pulled me on top of his cock. I was so slimy that he plopped in with ease. He fucked me for a minute and gave me a strong orgasm. My passions had been so pinned up that I just exploded soon after he entered me.
Iain pulled out for a moment and let Mike slide his cock in my pussy. Soon his cock had been coated with my slime and he was ready to fuck my ass. As an added help he rubbed some of my cream into my asshole. Iain stuffed himself back in my pussy. I looked back as Mike positioned himself to take my ass. I just love this part.
The anticipation of that cock spearing my ass and taking its place next to the other cock inside my body. Mike teased my asshole for a while driving me crazy. I knew that we were both well lubricated. I had stuff my asshole with lube in preparation while getting ready. Mike had seen to the opening and his cock was gooey from my pussy. I just wanted him to ram in home and finally he did. I nearly passed out with pleasure. The delicious burning of being stretched so much.
A quick look at Jill confirmed that she was being nicely attended to. At the same time Mike and Iain began the assault of the pussy and ass. They were rough and I loved it. They continuously called me ‘slut’ and ‘cock-whore’ and I would have agreed with them if Rick hadn’t stuffed his cock into my mouth. The guys began to chant “TP! TP! TP!” over and over.
I was in slut heaven. My orgasms would build and I would explode only to start again building to another. I lost count of how many. My pussy and asshole were a red swollen mass of flesh coated with what seemed like endless supplies of my pussy cream.
Three cocks inside my body. The only thing sluttier would be if cameras were recording the action to show the whole world. Then everyone would know what KOMI-SAN WA, COMYUSHOU DESU CAP 6 SUB ESPAÑ_OL an obsessed cock loving slut looks like. I wished that it were so.
The three guys fucked me hard for a long time. They rotated from ass to mouth, mouth to pussy and pussy to ass. I loved every minute of it. When they had all fucked each of my holes they started to let the other guys in while Iain, Mike and Rick turned their attention to Jill. Soon Bill, Steve and James had done each of my holes. I wanted each of them to give me a load.
First, James blew his load into my mouth. It was a generous load and he pulled out of my mouth half way through and spermed my face. That pushed me into another orgasm and I felt so nasty.
Next, Bill filled my ass to overflowing. I cleaned up his cock and got him ready for some more fucking.
Finally, Steve filled my pussy temporarily dousing the flames in my pussy. I was instantly ready for more. I felt like I wanted to fuck and fuck until I died. The fellows, however, needed a break. Luckily, Iain, Mike and Rick were fresh after a rest. They had recently pounded Jill into a quivering heap. I was amazed at how red her pussy was. As Jill rested her pussy continued to pulse out a combination of juices from her pussy and the guys deeply injected sperm. I asked her if she had been TP’ed yet and she moan, “Not yet.” Jill was curious about how it would feel but still a little apprehensive.
My fresh studs began another session of TP. Again I was thrown into cycling orgasms. They fucked me for ten minutes without a pause. Again, they called me all the names that I loved. They also made plans to triple blast me. I wasn’t sure what that meant put I was game for anything. At the end of the ten minutes I could hear them chanting a countdown. When they reach zero, all hell broke loose and I was flooded in all three of my openings. The pressure was intense as each area competed for my brain’s attention. In the end I was simply overwhelmed.
After a while the guys extracted themselves from me and I slumped to the sofa, cum pouring out of every end of me. I was exhausted from all the orgasms and yet I felt like I could go another round. I just needed a rest. After a few moments I opened my eyes and watched as Jill was finally getting TP’ed. She was groaning and moaning and shaking as her body was pounded. It was a beautiful site.
I felt glad that she was experiencing the same feelings that I had and I was glad to be able to watch her get worked over. I wondered if I had looked like she did at that moment. Her body was tensed and yet it seemed to fluidly move as it sought to accommodate the three big cocks buried inside her. She appeared to be having a continuous orgasm.
Once the guys finished dumping their loads inside Jill we all took time out to rest. Sex can be an exhausting activity but we weren’t done yet. After our rest and before the guys left, Jill and I collected them around us and gave them a farewell blow job.
When the last strands of cum had been shot in our mouths or on our faces I leaned over to Jill and gave her a big cum filled kiss. We enjoyed the kiss for a long time before licking each other’s face clean. After that task had been completed I crawled between her legs and began to eat the juices from her pussy. Jill leaned over on top of me and did likewise to me.
Jill and I ate each other for several minutes and even got each other off once. I didn’t think I had an orgasm left in me but our first sex with each other touched me off. Jill enjoyed it as well.
They guys loved the show but they were worn out as well, cuming several times during the evening. I told them I wanted to see them again.
Iain said, “We’ll always come back to our favorite ‘Playground’.”
So what do you think Mr. Warthog? Do I qualify to be a Gang Bang Virgin?
Well Sarah, I think you most certainly do. Wouldn’t you all agree with me?


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